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Depth psychological Hypnotherapy is a gentle way to get closer to yourself

Understand your symptoms from a deeper point of view through Hypnotherapy

If a person is out of balance with him or herself, it often leads to an inner pressure that expresses itself through physical or psychological symptoms. It is usually very slowly and mainly unconsciously that we fall out balance; thus, we do not even notice it. Days, months, even years pass before we become aware of it. Gradually we stop living according to our own nature. We transform ourselves, very slowly, without noticing it. This transformation also leads to changes within the brain.

When a person is out of his or her own balance, he or she no longer feels at ease with him or herself. The symptoms he or she shows can be numerous, e.g. addictions in general (smoking, drinking too much, eating too much or too little, drugs), insomnia, pain, stress, depression, lack of understanding and aggressiveness, exam anxiety, physical problems… It can get to the point where this person becomes unable to work. He or she does not “function” anymore.

The goal, however, is not to make this person function again, to “make him or her well”, but rather to accompany him or her on his or her path to healing. Healing, from the Greek holon: it means the wholeness and at the same time a part of it.