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Childbirth Preparation

More than a preparation as such, it is about remembering that you have everything within you for this wonderful step. Allow me to take you back to you and to that old memory.

Prepare for birth optimally

Pregnancy and birth are natural events in a woman’s life. From the moment a child is conceived until its birth, it goes through important stages of psychological and physical development. Many changes also occur in the mother. This process can be accompanied consciously and lovingly, developing a healthy connection between the expectant mother and her child. This deep and conscious connection also supports the birth process and the time after.

For decades we have been shaped to believe that childbirth should be long, difficult and painful. This course is about, among other things, leaving this belief behind and reconnecting with the natural process of pregnancy and child birth. Women are biologically built to have children and to do so in a very natural way.

In this course you will learn -

  • How your baby develops psychologically and physically in the womb and what he or she perceives
  • How to connect with your baby at a very early stage
  • How to prepare for the birth and what will support you during the birth so that it can happen in a conscious, loving way for mother and baby

There are a total of six classes of approximately 60 – 90 minutes each. Five courses are attended weekly, one after the other, when you feel your child for the first time. (for the first child from about the 22nd week of pregnancy, for further children from about the 16th week). The sixth course takes place at about the 37th week of pregnancy.

This division allows you to do the exercises at home every week and share your progress with the group, as well as ask and share your questions and suggestions. In the sixth hour, we will go through the birth in detail and begin to specifically prepare the body (and psyche) for the actual birth. By then you will have mastered a relaxation technique (Progressive Muscle Relaxation) that will support you during the birth. The loving and conscious contact with your baby will be anchored.

The brain and also the body need time until they can prepare for the birth. The aim of this course is : that you are prepared for everything for the birth process and can experience it consciously and with joy.