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How Can I Help


Explore your inner-self, you will be surprised.


Relaxing your mind helps you feel yourself and focus better

Therapeutic Approach

Depth psychology based hypnotherapy is a good accompaniment in case of physical or psychological ailments.


Find the right balance within your different life areas for balanced well-being

Let me introduce you in a few words to what I offer

As a professional hypnotherapist, I offer depth psychology based hypnotherapy. I also offer autogenic training for individuals and groups.


In the hypnotic state you can, among others, recognise unknown parts of yourself and integrate them consciously into yourself. Through this you strengthen yourself and regain your own inner balance according to your core nature.

Autogenic Training

Autogenic training is a well renown and easy to learn relaxation technique you will learn to use step by step. You will feel the pleasant difference as so go through the different steps of it .

Children & Adolescents

The faster we react to them, the better! While this is true for adults too, studies show that children and adolescents can fall very fast into deep pain. They do not have the inner strength to hold themselves. They are not grown up yet. That is why children and adolescents always have priority if they need help.


Group Courses

Besides the teaching of Autogenic Training in groups, I organize different activities and courses for groups. The aim in these groups is self-development and the expansion of consciousness.

Ethical Guidelines

As a professional Hypnotherapist, I strictly abide by the Ethical Principles

  • Hypnosis is profound and effective, but does not replace medical treatment
  • I only perform hypnosis if I have the explicit consent of my client.
  • My clients are informed about the nature and purpose of hypnosis.
  • I do not perform so-called stage or show hypnosis
  • The essence of my work is to support my client in expanding their consciousness or perception.
  • To pass on to my clients all means and knowledge known to me, so that they learn to use them as independently as possible for themselves.
  • To store the contents of my clients’ sessions are stored encoded and are not stored in any form over the net (cloud, etc.).
  • I adhere to the duty of confidentiality. In the case of examples mentioned in the training sessions, these are given in such a way that the person is not recognizable.

Let's Talk

If you would like to explore if hypnosis can help you or are interested to learn about autogenic training or any other topic I can help you with, feel free to reach out.