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Hypnosis Therapy for Children & Adolescents

Children and adolescents also benefit greatly from Hypnosis and relaxation methods
hypnosis for children and adolescents

Hypnosis for Children & Adolescents

It has been proven by EEG measurements that children and adolescents are still more or less in a natural state of hypnosis until about the age of 21 to 25. In addition, they do not yet have the necessary life experience to solve their own problems, fears and worries like an adult. I adapt the hypnosis therapy according to the age of the child/adolescent. The most important thing is to perceive the young person as he/she is and to pick him/her up there.

Relaxation methods (such as Autogenic Training and/or Progressive Muscle Relaxation) in a group as well as in individual training, with loving guidance, slow and careful experience of calm and relaxation can help the young person to learn to make contact with him or herself, to feel safe in being free, to slowly detach him or herself from the hectic patterns of life and to find him or herself instead of being forced or trained to be still.

The faster the reaction, the better!

Of course, this sentence also applies to adults, but studies show that children and adolescents can sink extremely quickly into deep suffering. They do not yet have the inner strength to support themselves. They are not yet fully grown. Thus, children and adolescents always have priority if they need hypnosis therapy.

Current Society

More and more young people are diagnosed with ADS (Attention Deficit Syndrome), learning disabilities, lack of concentration, etc. The reasons for this are manifold and sometimes paradoxical. On the one hand, there are children whose time is planned up to the last minute with various activities such as sports, language or other courses, etc.. On the other hand, there are children whose parents are often absent because of work or other reasons and have to leave their children alone. Children often spend their free time playing computer games or using social networks on the PC, if not in front of the TV.

For young people, social networks as well as “texting” are a very important form of socialization. In addition, many study while listening to music on their headphones, perhaps running the computer next to it, while sending text messages on the side. For them, this is a completely normal life. Many don’t know it differently. This creates habits and make the time feel full at all times. Thus, «empty or silent» times can become dreadful and lead to fears or sensations of emptiness.

If the brain is constantly overstimulated and overloaded, it’s not surprising that they suffer from concentration or learning disorders, for example. They are not used to concentrating on just one thing for a long time. Their brain works on different levels at the same time. It is completely normal for them! No wonder, if they then have to sit in a silent room before an exam and have trouble concentrating.

Hypnosis therapy for children can help with ADS, learning disabilities, lack of concentration

At school, children and young people are under more and more pressure; the expectations increase. This is because we live in a society where hectic and always being active are considered as being normal. As a result, children and young people often no longer have any idea of what calm and serenity actually mean.

As mentioned before, hecticness leads among other things to unconscious fears. Lack of self-confidence, not knowing who and how and whether one is at all, makes the child look for clues in external objects (many of which are virtual objects). If one of these “clues” is not available, the fear increases, which can lead to the anchoring of already existing symptoms, e.g. test anxiety, but also to aggressive behavior. For example, if the child is only perceived by parents when he or she brings home grades or report cards, he or she identifies with grades and performance and is afraid of failing. It is not a failure of the parents, but the pressure of the society we live in!

Are you recognized by the health insurance companies?

I am recognized by the ASCA foundation for the Autogenic Training and the Hypnotherapy. If you have supplementary insurance cover, please ask your insurance company beforehand if they cover the sessions with me.