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Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness besides being asleep and being awake

What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness, a procedure as well as an instrument.

Besides being awake (vigilance) and asleep, hypnosis is a very natural state of consciousness. One who is in hypnosis is focused into something specific, which is why the range of vigilance is limited. This means that external and internal stimuli are lowered. Perception can be focused on a specific content. We all know this state, often just don’t recognize it. Where? For example, during an exciting conversation, an interesting movie, an argument or enjoying a beautiful landscape with body and soul. In all these cases, and many more, we are already in hypnosis.

As a procedure, as it is applied here, it has an integrative effect. The three pillars of the human being are body, mind and spirit. Each of them is a self-organizing system and interrelates inextricably with the other.  Through the accompaniment in the Life History Analysis in hypnosis (LAH)or the Focal Analysis in Hypnosis (FAH) all aspects of the human being are considered and integrated. With H.I.T.T.® (Hypno Integrative Deep Psychological Therapy) we accompany a person into the deepest layers of his or her unconscious, so that he or she can find him or herself and therefore, his or her own natural  balance.

How does H.I.T.T.® (Hypno Integrative Deep Psychological Therapy) work?

By means of the so-called conscious hypnosis we go into the depths of the unconscious, supported by depth psychology and a holding ritual, so that the person feels accompanied and secure throughout his or her journey. The procedure is called H.I.T.T.® (Hypno Integrative Deep Psychological Therapy). With this method the person has the possibility to understand what is important for him, to recognize his own nature, to form guiding principles from within and for him or herself, which support him or her on his or her own path. Through this, the person can expand his or her own consciousness, consciously recognize all personal parts and integrate them into him or herself, through which he or she will feel more and more comfortable and whole in him or herself, and thus will gain the possibility to let go of his or her symptoms, addictions, pain, etc., if he or she is ready.

How does it work specifically? How long does Hypnosis take?

There are several possibilities. We consider the symptoms as messengers from ourselves to ourselves, which is why we do not simply want to delete or make the symptom disappear, but rather listen, perceive, understand and integrate it.

If the problem is punctual and the person’s life story is otherwise well managed, we can work with the so-called Focal Analysis in Hypnosis (FAH). This lasts from 5 to about 20 sessions. Each time we work in hypnosis so that the roots of the problem can be found and processed.

If the life history is more burdened, or if the person wants to know more about him or her self, then we go back year by year, from today to conception. This method is the so-called Life Analysis in Hypnosis (LAH).  If appropriate and desired, we can also go into past lives. – The length of the LAH varies according to the age and the life history of the person.

Why do we need to look at life history and stir up the past?

We don’t. The point is to get into the physiological layer of the brain (and body) where the event is stored, so to speak. We can’t go into the past because it has passed. Through hypnosis we can go to the memory where it is stored. There, expanding the consciousness using different tools and processing this experience, it is possible to reconcile ourselves with the situation. The emotions attached to it will be released, we feel relieved and therefore better. We remember everything that is said and felt during hypnosis. At the end of the hypnosis, the experience is anchored and brought into the present.

Are you recognized by the health insurance companies?

I am recognised by the ASCA foundation for the Autogenic Training and the Hypnotherapy, and by the EMR for the Autogenic Training. If you have supplementary insurance cover, please ask your insurance company beforehand if they cover the sessions with me.