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Fundamentals of Developmental Theory – Upcoming Course

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Fundamentals of Developmental Theory – Upcoming Course

Starting March 2020, I will be offering a new course at the NHK (Institute for Integrative Naturopathy) in Zurich. While NHK has published all the details on their website, I have provided a summary of the course details here. If you are interested to join the course, you can sign up directly on the NHK website here.

Course Title: Fundamentals of Developmental Theory – Conscious and unconscious imprints from childhood Psychosomatic problems in children

Duration: 21 hours

Dates: 08.11./ 29.11./ 06.12.2022

What will be covered?

  • Introduction to Advanced Depth Psychology Developmental Theory – Child Psychosomatics
  • Structure and Function of the Mind
  • Definition of Consciousness – Under- and Over-Consciousness
  • Relaxation Techniques for Children (Also Helpful for Adults)

Who is it for

Budding naturopaths, therapists, kindergarten teachers, midwives, pediatric nurse

What is the objective of the course

On completion of the course you will be able to:

  • see how they can communicate with the children and parents to important information to obtain
  • correlations of the problems from a psychoanalytical perspective detect
  • Simple relaxation techniques and visual travel with the children to make yourself more aware of how to deal with the children and Perceive parents

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