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Coping with Grief

Talking openly and naturally about death is the first step. Then, with hypnosis, it becomes more accessible and allows you to recognise the deeper meaning of it and thus the coping with your grief.

Coping with grief

Talking about death is a delicate topic in almost all cultures and societies. Nevertheless, it is a topic we will all be confronted with one day or another.

The fear of death is one of the biggest fears of human beings. Paradoxically, this fear will also have an impact on life and the way it is lived. If someone lives life in fear of death, he or she will not really live life fully. This is because his or her thoughts are focused on how to avoid or postpone death in the best possible way.

Addressing this topic openly and naturally breaks the silence and allows to handle this situation when confronted with it. This is valid for the dying one as well as for those who stand close to the dying.

Through this open communication through the therapy and the accompanying it with hypnosis, processing this delicate topic becomes more accessible and the deeper purpose of life is recognized more consciously.

I accompany, on one hand, dying persons through their process of getting ready for their impending death. On the other hand, I accompany those who have lost a loved one through their grieving process, so that they can let go in a conscious and loving way and at the same time live their grief in a more profound level, rather than emotionally heavy one.