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Group Coaching

Take advantage of the dynamic in groups to tap into different layers of yourself!
group coaching for autogenic training

Besides conducting Autogenic Training in groups, I organize different activities and courses for groups. I adapt these according to the requests. The aim in these groups is self-development and the expansion of consciousness. I generally work in groups of a maximum seven persons in the practice room and twelve persons when we are outside or on trips abroad, so as to have enough time for each and every one who participates in the gatherings.

Here are but some examples –

In the Practice room

  • Autogenic training – Essential level: This form of autogenic training goes much deeper than the classical autogenic training. You will learn about the energetical aspects of your body and tap more into the spiritual aspects of yourself.
  • Developmental psychology: Understand more about how we develop since conception, where our patterns come from and learn techniques on how to help yourself.
  • Meditation courses using different meditation forms and explain how these are effective on the deeper levels


  • I organize group gatherings of a few days where we go out in the nature. The theme is adapted to the group and its needs. Depending on your needs I also work with other specialists. Please let me know what you are looking for and we plan together what fits your interests or your needs.

The Golden Path

Since 2011 I organize and lead journeys worldwide with different focal points, if possible with colleagues on site. These journeys are part of what I call “The Golden Path”.

There we work not only with hypnosis (in groups and individually), but also with ceremonies and rituals from the indigenous culture. It is also very nice that we get to know wonderful places and people.

The intention of these journeys is to bring people closer to their own being and also to the essence of nature again. By becoming conscious of this being again, humans can move freely in their own responsibility.

I use the hypnosis to integrate their experiences consciously and motivate them to use them in their daily lives.